Five Useful Barn Gifts For Fellow Boarders For Under $5 Each

Five Useful Barn Gifts For Under $5 Each

I saw a post last week on one of the horse forums I follow discussing gifts to buy for fellow boarders. I thought it was a great idea, but it could get expensive fast. I like doing nice things for people, but I can’t do Oprah style giveaways on a Jerry Springer budget. And like everyone else this time of year, I’m scrambling for time. So I didn’t want to buy anything that required wrapping or any kind of extra stress.

We're In Good Hands Hand Warmer Barn Gift
We’re in good hands… do you see what I did there? The hand warmers will be in good hands.

So with a little thought I came up with five inexpensive (and useful!) gifts to give your fellow boarders to let them know how much you appreciate them. I mean really, fellow boarders can make or break your barn experience. Certainly my fellow boarders keep a watchful eye on my pony and I return the favor. It’s a satisfying feeling knowing there’s someone at the barn for about 14 hours per day to let you know if anything seems amiss.

Youre The Balm Barn Gift
Pardon my puns.

To get out of the whole wrapping ridiculousness, I came up with adorable (in my opinion, of course I’m biased) little gift tags which I’m sharing with you. Now your gifts can look Pinterest-worthy without the Pinterest time commitment. (Or getting sucked into scrolling for an hour looking for cute ideas. Pinterest is the devil. And I love it!) Just open the PDF, print, cut, and tie to the gift. Voila! Done. Find the PDF here: Fellow Barn Boarder Gift Tags

Useful Barn Gifts Gift Tags

The Five useful barn gifts for under $5 each are:

  1. Hand warmers
  2. Gloves
  3. Scissors
  4. Chapstick
  5. Hoof pick

Hand Picked Especially For You Hoof Pick Barn Gift

I mean really, who couldn’t use an extra set of scissors or hoof pick? I don’t understand where they all go, but they do seem to grow legs and wander off.

Youre A Cut Above The Rest Scissors Barn Gift

Don’t despair if you want to give gifts but don’t have a lot of money or time. A simple gesture with a useful barn item is memorable and thoughtful. Have fun!

All You Need Is Glove Barn Gift

What inexpensive useful gifts do you give?

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