I Did It! We Did It!

If you’re reading this it’s probably because I badgered you into coming over here. So thank you for letting me strong arm you into reading about my little corner of the world and all it’s magic. I titled this post “I Did It! We Did It!” because there are an incredible number of people who helped push me forward, encouraged my heart and helped to get this blog out of my mind as an idea and into actual words on the page. Have I bored you yet? Oh dear. This is meant to be a THANK YOU to all of those people who pushed me along. I did it. And you helped.

The below photo was taken at the close of the 2006 guest ranch season during a celebratory 2 day pack ride through Canyon de Chelle. I always loved this photo because I thought I looked rustic and hearty. I had no idea just how much more I would grow, in both my equestrian skills and in life.

2006 in Canyon De Chelle
2006 in Canyon De Chelle

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