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Spring is coming! Spring is coming! I know this because now instead of walking my dogs in the dark and pouring rain, we’re walking them at that magical twilight hour when the sky turns from light blue to black with the stars sparkling and the threat of a skunk lurking behind every blackberry berm. (True story, we once spent a cold Valentine’s night washing the dogs multiple times from a skunk spraying.)

Eventer Pillow Cover

What does spring’s pending arrival have to do with some cute pillows? Because spring always has me opening the windows wide whenever its above 55 degrees, cleaning and fantasizing about updating my home décor. Spoiler Alert: I never get to the updated décor part of that fantasy. You know, because the horse always takes all the discretionary income. However, throw pillows are a great way to update your style without much in the way of a financial commitment.

I received these pillow shams from Horsely to review for the blog. And because I love you (actually more like because my husband would kill me if I owned one more throw pillow) I’m giving them away!

So what do I think about these shams?

Vintage Race Horse Pillow

I LOVE the Vintage Race Horse design, and the fabric it’s printed on has a slight texture to it that’s not too rough. The cream-colored background extends to the back of the pillow as well. The drawback to this pillow cover is that it’s a zipper closure at the bottom of the sham, so it can’t handle a lot of taking on and off if you prefer to wash your shams frequently. One end of the zippered opening already started to fray a bit from taking it on and off the pillow a couple times.

The Equestrian Olympics Pillow cover is fun because you can order the image in mirror, so one design on the left side and one on the right. Those of us with OCD enjoy the balance this brings to a couch. I know not everyone is as neurotic as me, but if you are, it will make you happy. This pillow cover has a slip opening on the back so no trouble with a zippered opening like the above. The silky fabric is really soft, however, the back of the pillow is white. Some people won’t mind that, but it’s just something to be aware of.

Olympic Eventing Pillow Sham

Getting to what you really want to know: how do you win a set of these?! (A set is considered the two Olympics Pillow Covers or two Vintage Race Horse pillow covers. Pillows not included) Head on over to the Facebook page and like and share the post. Comment to let me know which pillow covers you like better!
There is no purchase necessary. By participating in this giveaway you acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook and that you hold Facebook harmless. One winner will randomly be drawn for each pillow set and announced on Monday March 5th on the Sass In Boots Facebook page. The drawing will close at pm 12pm PST on Sunday March 4. I will PM you via Facebook to obtain your shipping address. The information you provide to me will not be used for any other purposes. Good luck and THANK YOU for participating!

Vintage Racing Horse Pillow

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