Life Hack: How Not to Get Rubbed Raw

I’ve wanted to share about this product for a while. Before I get started though, you need to know that Body Glide did not provide me any free samples, any compensation or other recognition for this post. I repeat, Body Glide does not know I exist. Also, I apologize if from the title of this post you thought I was going to wax poetic about how to keep calm and carry whatever… this is not that post.

Ok, so what is Body Glide? It is an anti-chaffing stick that is amazing. It’s supposed to be for runners who get some rubbing in various places. I can’t really speak to that part because I stopped running a few years ago when I got a horse and found it was more fun. Sure I’m a little thicker in the middle, but it is what it is.

Back to the anti-chaffing properties, okay so you got that it can be used for runners with chaffing. That’s super if that’s you. That’s not my area of expertise. Moving on. It can also be used for people with a little fuller thighs who don’t want them rubbing and being annoying while wearing a dress, or for men, perhaps while working out… I hear. I obviously don’t have first-hand experience with the boxer-shorts and gym routine. Again, because a) I’m a woman and b) I workout at the barn.

The reason I tried this stuff is because I was getting horrible saddle sores and scabs from my jeans while riding. I’m not one of those really tough cowgirls who just bucks-up and shuts up. I whine. My tender, inner-knee skin was all scabby. And then I’d ride some more and the scab would open up and I’d whine some more.

Enter Body Glide.

I got a sample from a tack shop in Tumalo, Oregon. I glided it over my scabby inner-knees (do you see what I did there?) and pulled on my jeans then went to work posting. I felt no pain. My scabs healed. It worked.

I sent my parents and brother back to the tack shop to get more samples and a full size container. The tack shop had closed. A neighboring business told my parents I could get the lubricant at Wal-Mart. AHEM. It is NOT a lubricant. It looks like a deodorant stick. But that didn’t keep my brother from leaving me a message to find it at Wal-Mart and to quit asking my parents to get lube for me.

I actually could not find it at Wal-Mart but I did find it at REI. It’s around $14. It is worth every. Single. Penny. If your skin gets rubbed raw by anything, you have to try this stuff. I don’t know what kind of deal they made with the devil to create this sorcery called Body Glide, but it is magic.

And if you can’t commit to the $14 they have smaller trial sizes you can buy for less. But I promise you, you’ll be back for the full size version.


I’ll take some free samples now whenever you have a chance execs at Body Glide.

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