Ode To My Husband

If he wanted a cleaner house

A wife without hay in her hair and her bra

If he didn’t want his truck used for moving hay

If he wouldn’t help move 1000’s of pounds of hay for me every few months

If he wanted a wife with a hot meal on the dinner table at 6pm and not at the barn until twilight

If these were the desires of my husband’s heart

He wouldn’t be with me.

Because my house is rarely clean.

You can always find hay in my hair, bra and other places

Sometimes it’s even sprinkled through our house

He got his truck so we could move hay

And some day haul horses

Moving hay is never fun, but he smiles his wry smile, gives me a wink and pretends to hate me for it

Thank God for crock pots and a husband who supports my independent nature

Supports his wife who regularly spends hours at the barn instead of at home.

The desires of my husband’s heart are a happy and passionate wife

And a shared love of the magic of horses.

God bless my husband.

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Theresa Rice

Writing a modern day western and telling my daily stories of humor, sadness or inspiration. Depending on the day, it might be all three.

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