Reined Cow Horse Down The Fence

One At A Time

You want to throw a leg over without worry of a rank ride

What you need are sweaty blankets

You want the confidence of that rodeo rider

What you need are miles in the saddle

You don’t want to fear what you love

What you need is to show up

To put a foot in the stirrup

To ride

Every day.

Great riders aren’t made by watching

Great riders aren’t made by ribbons and roses

Great riders aren’t made.

Great riders are built.

Built by bricks made of sweat and grit

One buck

One crow hop

One whoa

One ride at a time.

One At A Time Great Rider Poem

Published by

Theresa Rice

Writing a modern day western and telling my daily stories of humor, sadness or inspiration. Depending on the day, it might be all three.

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