I love sharing my stories with you. However, some photos tell stories all on their own. I wanted a place on my website to be able to share some photos that are special to me.

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Canyon De Chelly Arizona Trail Horse Back Ride
Canyon De Chelly Arizona Trail Horse Back Ride

The photo above was taken in May 2005 at the close of the guest ranch season. Four of us took a 2 day pack trip through Canyon De Chelly in Northeast Arizona. That little spot in front and to the left of the puddle was a stray dog we picked up. We named her Anna and my husband found her a happy home in the Midwest with a man who had just put his dog down.

Believe In Yourself Inspiration

I took the above photo one night driving home during a full moon. You might be surprised to learn that it can be incredibly difficult to put yourself out there, to be vulnerable with strangers, sharing inner thoughts and vulnerabilities. Whatever you might be trying to do, and having doubts about, just BELIEVE.

Road Trip Inspiration

Your heart works best if it’s open to possibility.

Gros Ventre Wilderness Wyoming

Love. My husband and my boots looking out on Sportsman’s Ridge in the Gros Ventre Wilderness in Wyoming on our honeymoon.