I started doing sketches after reading a book about comedy writing. My husband and I came up with a couple horse puns that I sketched up for fun. Then I came up with a few more ideas that perfectly capture horse ownership. And then I just kept drawing. I hope they give you a little chuckle and feel free to share them! Enjoy!

Fantasy of fly spray
Someday there will be something that works and lasts for hours and hours and is non-toxic. Until then, here’s my fantasy of what’s really at the end of the rainbow.
Horses Find Trouble In the Turn Out Pasture
As with most of my sketches, this was inspired by true events. He was turned out for only about an hour and managed to get an injury that took almost two weeks to heal.
Horses who heel and dogs who whoa mixed signals
Makes me feel crazy when I cluck at the dog!
Catching A Naughty Horse in a big field sketch
I thought this one up as I was trying to catch my naughty pony
Cowgirl Fairy Dust Hay Everywhere Sketch
Seriously, it really does make its way everywhere.
Crow Hop 1950's Horse
This was my very first funny sketch.
Horse Ad Lies A kids Horse Bucking Sketch
I sketched this as I was writing my Horse Sale Ads blog post discussing how to interpret horse sale ads. It can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s not!
Mare on her wedding day bridal path sketch
In honor of wedding season! What a mare walks down on her wedding day.
When Cowgirls Wear Skirts Sketch
My most popular, most viral sketch ever. Shared over 4000 times, seen by over a 1/2 a million people. And what a FUN ride that was to watch it circulate the internet.