10 Years Ago A Tow

Ten years ago today I walked onto the guest ranch where I would spend the next seven months. I literally walked to the ranch because I managed to get lost and then absolutely bury my Honda Civic in the deep sand of a dry wash. I like to make a big entrance. My manager got to know me while towing me out of my idiotic mistake. T’was a fine moment.

I think back on this time with fondness and yet a gladness that the time is so far away. I left for Arizona to take time off from a meandering college degree and a level of drinking and partying that seemed like too much, even to my alcohol addled mind. That problem licked itself within 2 weeks of being in Arizona. I managed to give myself the longest and most painful hangover of my life. It was suggested I may have given myself alcohol poisoning. Either way, it was a memorable night and me and alcohol have had an amicable relationship ever since. I also don’t touch white Russians anymore. The drink. Not the people.

Are you getting a picture of the young lass who set out on her own to have a little adventure? She was inexperienced, full of unwarranted confidence and of course the attitude to go with that confidence. I’m much more experienced now. A touch more humble, although the attitude and confidence still runs high. Probably still unwarranted on occasion. But such is life as a sassy pants. And life is always ready and willing to knock me down a peg or two.

In the ten years since working at the ranch I have worked at a fishing lodge in Alaska, earned a bachelor’s degree, visited Ethiopia on a medical mission trip, saw whales playing off the coast of Maui, and married that cowboy from the ranch. In the next year I want to get my story finished, edited and on its way to publishing. I don’t know what any of this looks like, if I’ll self-publish or work with a publisher, or how many times I’ll question who would want to read my stupid book anyway. (Not always overly confident.) But I’m going to find out. And you’re going to be with me. Hopefully the process doesn’t drive me to drink. Hopefully my writing doesn’t drive you to drink.

Thanks for joining me for the fun. I’ll try to keep a good sense of humor for most of this.

Ranch Apartment Porch 9/29/2015 Wickenburg, AZ
Look at that twerp, 22 and as free and easy as a desert wind.
Me & G2
Today. Not as free as the wind, but more content.


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