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You guys! There are only five weeks left until Christmas. I cannot believe it. Anyway, for a little holiday cheer I am reviewing (and giving away!) the Arctic Horse Tongass rain skirt, the Georgia Horseback Weekender Tote and my favorite earrings to wear in and out of the arena from Adornable.U. Who doesn’t love free stuff? And, hint hint, these little goodies would make excellent gifts.

Before we get to the goods, A little legal stuff. I was not paid by any of the below companies for my reviews. Where I received a free product, I will let you know that, as well as the fate of the free product. It’s important to me that you know this isn’t just an advertisement parading as a heartfelt product review. So now you know!

First up: the Arctic Horse Tongass Rain Skirt

I was so excited to get the chance to try this baby out. I did a full review on the skirt for Northwest Horse Source, which you can read here. What you need to know is that if you’ve ever wanted to ride in a blanket on a cold winter night, or not get soaked during a rainy trail ride, this skirt is for you. I have ridden in rain slickers, chaps, chinks, snow coats and now the rain skirt. The rain skirt wins for warmth and dryness. Now, it’s definitely not going to do the job of chinks or chaps if you are riding through brushy terrain. But if you’re looking to stay dry and warm, then the skirt is perfect.

Artic Horse Tongass Rain Skirt

You might be wondering why you couldn’t just buy a quarter sheet, and you definitely could. But the quarter sheet is made primarily with the horse in mind. Even if you ride with the sheet over your legs, it’s not going to cover very far down your legs, and the waist area is not going to fit you the way the rain skirt does. You can wear the rain skirt over your regular riding clothes and get on with it, using the snaps to keep the skirt out of the way while mounting. Or you can get on your horse and then pull the skirt on and snap it into place. I opted for the latter. I will give you a little word of caution, if you have a sensitive or spooky horse, work with him first to get him used to the feeling of the skirt on his rump. My half-Arab took to it pretty quickly, but I had my doubts at first. There are also leg snaps so you can keep the skirt from flipping up or flapping if the weather is windy or if you’re doing a fast ride. Another important part to keeping your horse spook-free!

So those are the details on the skirt. And what will make you want to part with your money even more, is that these skirts are designed and sewn in the United States. Jen Dushane, the creator and owner, lives in Alaska and each skirt is custom sewn to your specifications in her fair state. I love shopping small businesses, and when they have such a high quality product, the decision is a no-brainer. Shop the Tongass Rain Skirt and any of the other great trail skirts here.

Arctic Horse Tongass Rain Skirt Black
Note how far down the material comes down my leg. Lined with fleece, this sucker is warm. I didn’t want to take it off.

Jen made a custom skirt for me to try, and that was to be the skirt for the giveaway. In between the time I received the skirt and the publishing of this article, Jen discovered a quality flaw with a few sections of stitching and did not want the skirt I received to be given away. So the giveaway skirt will be a custom order through Jen at Arctic Horse. Can you say customer service? That does mean that I was invited to keep the skirt that was made for me. However, my review for Northwest Horse Source and opinion on the product was made before I knew I would be keeping the skirt.

Next Up: Georgia Horseback Weekender Tote

I did receive this bag for free to review. I road tested it and the tote will be awarded to one lucky winner at the end of the month. Don’t worry, I kept it in mint condition for you.


If you’ve been following my blog for longer than five minutes, you know that I ride western. So this tote was a little outside my wheelhouse. That being said, regardless of the jumping horse depicted on the outside of the bag, this tote is a workhorse. Pun intended. I employed one of my hunt seat friends to help test the bag. We loaded it up with her boots, helmet, gloves, jacket and had room to spare. The material is easy to wipe off and the dark color would easily hide the arena dust that is sure to settle on it. The tote also comes with a zippered removable pouch and a helmet bag. You can even use the metal horse shoe on the outside of the bag as a key clip. I prefer to toss my keys into the cavern of whatever purse I’m using so then I can look for them for 10 minutes when I need to go somewhere. I know how to have a good time.

Look how pretty with my gorgeous model!

I think the biggest challenge to the bag is the length of the straps. They aren’t quite long enough to comfortably carry the bag slung over your shoulder. But overall I think this bag would be a welcome addition to any equestrian’s arsenal. There is so much to tote around for horseshows, a bag this size is always helpful. And, similar to Arctic Horse, Georgia Horseback is a woman-run company by Cella Nelson. The bag isn’t made in the USA, but the design and business behind it are. Get yourself the weekender tote right here.

My favorite earrings, by Adornable.U

I did not receive these earrings for free, I purchased them specifically to giveaway to you. Yep, that’s how much I like them. And at only $19 I feel like I can afford that kind of generosity for my loyal readers.


These little gems are simple, inexpensive and add a bit of polish to any outfit. I’m not one for the enormous blingy earrings of western pleasure. No offense if you are, it’s just not my style. I’m actually not much of one for lots of bling at all. But I like to wear earrings when I show and I feel like these are tastefully sparkly. They catch the light really well and are comfortable to wear. The earrings are from the company Adornable.U and are the Celebrate April birthstone earrings. I wear these the most out of any of my earrings, at the barn, at work and out on the town (read: the feed store). They are low maintenance and make me feel like I look somewhat put together. If you don’t win them in the giveaway, get your very own here.

Even though my face is shaded, you can still see my hardworking earrings shining brightly as I waited to carry that big, beautiful flag around the arena. PS, yes, I am quite blingy right here, but this is not my usual style. You gotta up your arena game for the 4th of July rodeo.

And, surprise, Adornable.U is also a female-run business for women. Ann Wooten, jewelry designer extraordinaire, established the direct sales company in 2015. I didn’t set out to do a review and giveaway of items all from female entrepreneurs’ businesses, but that’s how it turned out, and I love that!

So about this giveaway…The Rules

There is no purchase necessary. The giveaway will take place on Facebook so you must have a Facebook account and you just need to like and comment on each post related to each giveaway item. Each item will be listed as a separate giveaway post so that way if you aren’t interested in a certain item, you’re not entered to win that item. The Arctic Horse Rain Skirt will be custom made. I will provide the winner’s information to Jen Dushane and she will contact the winner for design specifics. The skirt will then be custom made and take 6-8 weeks to sew and ship. The Georgia Horseback Weekender Tote and the Adornable.U earrings will be shipped by me personally and I will cover the shipping costs (it really is a free giveaway!). You can only enter once for each item. By participating in this giveaway you acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook and that you hold Facebook harmless. One winner will randomly be drawn for each item (3 items: 1 skirt, 1 tote, 1 pair of earrings) and announced on Thursday December 1st on the Sass In Boots Facebook page. The drawing will close at 5pm PST on Wednesday November 30. I will PM you via Facebook to obtain your shipping address if you are the winner of the tote or the earrings. If you are the winner of the rain skirt, I will request your email address to provide to Jen Dushane of Arctic Horse. The information you provide to me will not be used for any other purposes. Good luck and THANK YOU for participating and giving these business a look-see.

Did you read all the rules?? You little rebel you! Go on over to my Facebook page and comment and like the free item posts to get entered.

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