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Welcome to my blog!

I started this blog to connect with people who enjoy entertaining, thoughtful, and sometimes funny stories from the barn, the end of a dog leash or wherever else I find inspiration. But after having the blog for over a year now, its meaning to me has deepened and I hope to continue connecting with and entertaining others.

You may not own a horse, you may have never had the opportunity to own one, but you will still find stories on here to inspire you or to let you live vicariously through my experiences. Which are sometimes embarrassing, see the story about when I was “Tucked in back there.” Sometimes my stories are sad, like the day I lost my beloved German Shepherd Connor, and sometimes they poke fun at horse ownership. Yes, there are a lot of horse posts on here, but it’s not 100% a horse blog, maybe like 70%. You’ll find other tidbits of fun and inspiration as well.

What’s in it for you? Occasionally I do share helpful information. I write a monthly online column for Northwest Horse Source and all of those pieces have to be vetted by an impartial editor, so you know I’m not 100% full of it. More like, 50%, I’m a balanced bull-shitter. But for real, I am here to give you some humor, some encouragement, and some helpful information geared toward horse owners and horse lovers. Life sucks sometimes, I try to keep things light and help it suck just a teensy bit less. Please always feel free to ask me questions or send me items to review. I can’t guarantee I’ll love your product, but you know I’ll be honest.

Where to start? I pointed you to a few of my pieces above, by far my most popular post has been 5 Things No One Tells You About The Cost of Owning A Horse. But my post on chafing is funny and helpful (avoid those rub burns on the inside of your knees). And then there are my posts on showing your horse and being kind to yourself in the process, as well as how progress in riding (and probably in many areas of life) is more important than winning.

So get comfy, if you’re on your phone, plug it in, I hope you’ll stay awhile. And please, feel free to reach out to me. Together we can achieve so much more than we can alone. Also, you might find this hard to believe, but on occasion I do get tired of writing about myself and my own neurosis. Let me write about your neurosis instead! So please contact me here and be sure to follow me on Facebook. If you do send me a direct message through the website, please watch your email for my reply, coming from a Gmail address.

Welcome aboard! I like to say, keep your expectations low, I’m funnier that way.

Ride on.

Arabian Horse & German Shepherd Dogs
The whole fam damily at Christmas. Well, short a cat, she’s not very cooperative.