A Poem About Saying Goodbye To A Horse

Horses As a Memory: Saying Good bye

Some dear friends of mine recently had to put down their 26 year old Arabian horse who had 11 national championships, 8 reserve national championships and was truly part of their family. One of the original horses of their herd, a special horse who elevated the riding skills of all of his riders and remained wild at heart into his 26th year. Losing a horse is hard enough, but saying good bye to the ones who become family is downright depressing.

I wrote the below poem in honor of all of the horses who touch our lives and then leave this world. Really it seems, for the truly special ones, any departure would always be too soon. They add so much to our lives that can’t be quantified, can’t be explained, can only be hinted at with words. Tonight when I say my prayers, I’ll be praying for plenty more time with my own horse.

Saying Goodbye To A Champion Arabian Horse
A quiet moment to say goodbye. Photo courtesy of Kristi Defoe-Stewart

Horses As a Memory

Horses aren’t just animals

They are memories

A memory of your youth

A memory of the person you used to be

A memory of family now gone


So when the twilight of life

Reflects in your old friend’s eyes

And you know the time has come

To say good bye


Know the tears on your cheek

And the sadness in your heart

Are proof of the wonder you shared

And a magic you still seek


The sun will deliver a newborn foal

And despite your own protests

That new horse will capture your soul

So you’ll sign on

For one more ride

Of great memories while still on this side


Feel free to share with anyone who might cry a little and laugh at the truth of it and feel a little better for remembering the equine friend they had to say good bye to.

Horses As A Memory Poem Saying Goodbye To A Horse

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