When Cowgirls Wear Skirts: A Viral Sketch

At the end of a long weekend of showing I was standing in the shower, letting the scalding water beat my back and debating about shaving my legs. I relented; I do have a professional job, and got to it. As I was dragging the razor across my legs I was thinking what a disaster they were. There’s the 2 inch scar on my ankle from camping last year, the rub mark on my right leg from my boot. Hard to say why my left boot doesn’t rub. Then there are the bruises on the inside of both knees, sometimes they are from posting in my western saddle and my jeans rubbing. But this time they were from my bulky jeans inside my chaps rubbing my knees through 3 days of showing. The only reason they weren’t rubbed raw is because I used the Body Glide that I’ve told you about previously.

Then there was a pretty big bruise on the inside of my calf that I couldn’t even recall how I got. And thus the idea of my little sketch was born. Oh the bruises and smacks and scrapes that farm and horse girls incur. So I sat down the next night and put my thoughts to paper. I shared it to one group and figured if they liked it I’d share it to a couple more groups the next day. I don’t know if you could say my post went viral, I think it has to be shared something like a million times to be considered viral, but it at least approached common-cold status. As of Wednesday night my image of a set of bruised up legs has been shared over 3500 times and reached over half a million people. HALF A MILLION PEOPLE! Say what?

I got so many people saying “This is so true. This is scarily true.” And asking how I saw their legs. I also got several people sharing photos of their beat up legs and adding some other ways they knock themselves around. I also had several women comment that their legs wouldn’t be visible against the white background of my sketch pad because their legs hadn’t seen the sun in ages.

There are so very, very many, but here are some of the other memorable ways people shared they get those nasty bruises and scars:

  • Barrel racers hitting their knees on barrels
  • Catching the tack room door handle on your hip
  • A kick from a frisky filly
  • A kick from the frisky filly’s mom… or a bite
  • Catching an ankle on the metal front of a wheelbarrow

And my absolute favorite quote on all these bang ups and bruises and scars: All I know is that none of those happened from holding down the couch! Because we are out there doing it!

I absolutely love that. Love it.

And then my favorite photo shared came from Erika Hunter of Hunter Horsemanship

Are you ready for this? It’s so good.

I don’t know if you’re ready yet.

This is me building your anticipation.

How am I doing?

Okay, here she is in all of her tan-line glory.

Boot Top Tan Line
Photo courtesy of Erica Hunter. Props to her really for letting me share this with you all!

Yes, you are looking at her boot-top tan line. Best tan line ever.

If you shared the bruised legs sketch or tagged your country girl in it and had a good laugh, thank you so much. I’m so happy that we all have this shared experience. And go rock on with your beat up legs and your heart full from following your horse passion.

Ride on!

When Cowgirls Wear Skirts Bruises
The snarky sketch that traveled far and wide!

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